Business Barter Bucks


Building Businesses Together!

It is a proven fact that members of a barter exchange are able to increase their buying and selling power. Through this alternative currency, members have been able to take advantage of more opportunities and offers that they would not have had the ability to do if it was not on trade or barter.

We have an extensive network where businesses come together to trade what they have, for what they need. Products and services are traded multi-directionally. We match companies with other companies who have a need to trade goods, services, or products so you don't have to search for one-to-one direct trade relationships.


Our professional services will help you to optimize your opportunities with the vast, dynamic marketplace, guiding you in how to promote your business as well as locating any products and services you need.


Who is This For?

Who's Joining?

Retail, Electronics, Food, Parts, Travel, Gifts, Ebooks, Books, Videos, Boats, and So Much More. 

If you have a question about if this is right for you just message us and we can help you out. 

What Are You Waiting For?

Get $120 in BARTER BUCKS immediately when you sign up!

Why Join?

Expand your network and spend less cash on the things you need for your family or your business and have fun being part of a Barter Network!