Business Barter Bucks


Change the Way
You Think of Doing Business

Joining a Barter exchange or trade exchange can be a great move for your business and personal life. Trade exchanges or barter companies offer many benefits to you such as a way to increase cash-flow by saving money and turning excess capacity or unused time into purchasing power that can be used to grow your business.

Benefits of Joining!

  • Awareness

  • Lead Generation

  • Save Your Cash

We are offering every New Member a $120 Immediate Barter Bucks Credit when you join to help you get started - This is available for a limited time. 

Finally, if you refer more new members to us we will give you an additional $100 Barter Bucks credit in your account.

So what are you Waiting For? 


Attract New Customers

Get in front of new people who may not know about your business, goods or services you provide.


You have an opportunity to allow other businesses to shop you.

Some members don't know what their needs are until they search the membership directory and find the services you are able to provice.


By Joining a Barter Group You Save Your Cash

Members join to exchange services by trade or barter so they can save their cash for the hard costs to run a business. Join today and start growing your business and saving money today!

Join Today!

Benefits of Joining:

No Cash Needed

Expand Your Network

Develop New Leads